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Gas fireplaces can be an excellent way to relax and unwind after a long day or to keep warm during the cooler months.


Take Advantage of Your Gas Fireplace!

Gas fireplaces can be an excellent way to relax and unwind after a long day or to keep warm during the cooler months. Whether your gas fireplace is used for aesthetics or to heat up your home, regular maintenance is needed to ensure the longevity and efficiency of the fireplace. If your fireplace is experiencing issues or not working properly, you should have it diagnosed and repaired immediately. Even if no issues are apparent, annual maintenance can uncover unknown issues and will ensure your fireplace is burning efficiently. Master Chimney Sweep certified technicians will make sure your gas fireplace system is clean and properly functioning!


we guarantee a no-mess, no-stress sweep.

Have a Gas Fireplace Issue?

Pilot light not functioning

  • One of the most common issues we see with gas fireplaces is a non-performing pilot light. If your gas fireplace is not functioning correctly, we recommend calling us for a full diagnostic. Our certified technicians will go through every component of your gas fireplace system with the help of our custom made software, which will also generate a digital report with pictures of any issues found.

Burner won’t start or stays on too long

  • With a full diagnostic, our certified gas appliance experts will be able to determine what part of your system is failing and offer the perfect resolution for your system. we have the knowledge and expertise to address any issues.

Fan is making too much noise.

  • Like any appliance fan, dust and debris build-up can cause the fan to become noisy and inefficient. If your fan has started to fail, you may need a full diagnostic of your fireplace. Annual service can prevent problems such as these from occurring or getting worse.

Annual Maintenance Recommended for Gas Fireplaces

Even if there are no obvious issues present, we advise annual service inspections for gas fireplaces. During a service appointment, we check your pilot light, electrical components, gas hookups, inspect and clean venting, inspect and clean fans and blowers, clean the front glass panel, and ensure your system is running as efficiently as possible

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As part of our sweep, our technicians will perform a visual inspection of your wood burning unit to ensure there are no obvious issues of non-compliance and any potential maintenance issues are brought to your attention.

  • How do I Make An Appointment ?
    Step One - Select the service type and number of units, We will now select the date and time for the meeting Step Two - Enter your full details, address, and write to us if you have any requst
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